Fracht Australia Newsflash - Full Container Packing requirements

Full Container Packing requirements

Due to very strict Chain of Responsibility laws in Australia, it is a non-negotiable requirement that containers packed overseas or in Australia must have their contents restrained securely, professionally and weights distributed evenly within the container.  It is imperative that for packing of full containers (import and export), you must advise your supplier / packing company to pack full containers accordingly.  

The ramifications in not adhering to the above can be a huge issue causing the importer / exporter to be held legally responsible in case of accidents and at risk of heavy fines. 

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of the Fracht team at fracht@frachtsyd.com.au


 Yes, we totally agree with you that loading a container properly is common sense, but unfortunately the longer the more Australian judges and courts don’t seem to agree.


There have been some very interesting court cases where the Australian consignees/forwarders/customs brokers were held responsible for accidents in Australia where the overseas supplier failed to pack a container safely. Penalties and fines were increased significantly recently and directors held personally liable. We heard about a recent court case where the forwarder fortunately “got off the hook” because he could prove that he sent instructions (as per above) to the overseas supplier. This is the reason why we decided to send this  Newsflash.

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