Fracht's green initiative

Dear friends,

We have to do more about this subject globally, while it is not bringing us money, but it is bringing us future..........

First of course future for the world and then hopefully also future for our company.

We have always been in front, when it comes to the environmental question and launched quite a few initiatives or where the first ones, that adapted new ideas, built one of the first  CO2 calculators for freight and the compensation of the CO2 with an instant certificate.

We install solar panels, whereever we have our own premises and where it is possible and try to avoid unnecessary transport of documents/BL’s for example on the blockchain. In short, we are care for the present and work for the future.   

Now a new decade also brings the possibilty to put new efforts and we would like to start „Fracht’s green initiative“ and launch various local projects under this heading.

There can be „simple“ ones, like a paperless office or starting with an ISO 14001 certification in some countries, where the benefits are already very clear, they are for the company and as we improve our ecological footprint, we do something for the environment.

There can be more sophisticated ones, also investment ideas, we are open to anything, that makes sense, that brings us and the environment a benefit. Why should it also bring us a benefit, very simple, because we also want to have a future.

And as such, when the „good ones“ have a future, it is also not too bad for the rest......

Now for you to smile a bit, we have already created a logo for it.......

that we use on the projects we develop in this respect.

Every good thing starts with the idea. Whenever you have any idea, please go to your superiors and ask them.

How do we see the green future of the world? Shame and moral argumentation do not really get us anywhere. The ecological cannot and will not prevail if it remains a mere demand for renunciation.

What we are looking for and what we want is the so-called "blue economy". The blue stands for technology and progress, for the horizon, for the whole earth.

In contrast to the green economy, the blue economy is not an economy of renunciation and fear, but a new idea of progress, which is about a better quality of life through the search for more intelligent solutions for the use of resources.

If we talk about solutions rather than problems, it will be easier to design and implement change.

Now, why do we still call our initiative „green-initiative“? In the end, we are working on the blue one, but do you really want to explain it to everybody first in length? You already lose them.

Check in a couple of years, when the „blue enconomy“ got started and you will find us here in front again.

And very important, share the idea with us, send it to greeninitiative@frachtag-bs.ch , as we would then like to share as many good ideas with all of you, that we can all profit and work on it.

Many thanks.

Best regards
Fracht Ltd., Basle
Ruedi Reisdorf

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