Iraq Newsletter 2023-1: Update from Omnitrans

Dear Clients, Partners and Friends:

It has been a while since we have sent the latest updates – but so far, the situation has been stable and with a new government in place, we also see an increase in requests and shipments and adjustments on some regulations.

Latest Updates and Developments:

  1. Levy Exemption

Iraqi General Customs issued new and updated instructions to release all Ministry of Oil shipments which are currently piling up at various entrance points due to missing levy exemption approval. The new instruction of Customs  say that clearing those goods is possible based on a Commitment Letter.  Detailed instruction are available upon request.


  1. New Rate of Exchange Iraqi Dinar

Based on an instruction of the Council of Ministers, the Iraqi Central Bank set a new rate of exchange for the Iraqi Dinar. Based on this instruction, the new ROE is 1$=1,310 IQD instead of 1$=1,460 IQD. Official statement is available upon request.


  1. Holidays / Ramadan

Please consider the following holidays / Ramadan period:

21.-23.03.23 – Newrouz

22.03.-20.04.23 – Ramadan


  1. Import License

We like to draw your attention that certain cargo (e.g. cables) require an import license. This will also apply to exempted cargo belonging to the Governmental Sector. Please check with us if your planned cargo requires such an import license.


  1. Iraqi Seaports

Umm Qassr Port is working at a normal level. No major congestion is recognized, storage of uncleared cargo has significantly been reduced with the new levy exemption.


  1. Ibrahim Khalil Border

Some roads between the eastern med ports in Turkey and the Iraqi border are still effected by the earthquake. There are restrictions particular for heavy lift goods. Mersin port is working almost at normal levels, but Iskenderun port remains closes/limited due to serious damages.  Ibrahim Khalil Border is working normally. There are no major waiting times or delays.  Turkish Trucks are still moving only to destinations within the KRG Area. For central and south Iraq we are need either a transshipment of the cargo to Iraqi trucks or change the Truck heads.


  1. Trebil border

Trebil Border is working normally. There are no major waiting times or delays. It is still required to transship cargo from Jordanian to Iraqi trucks at the border. Currently we are using this route again for MoH Cargo.


  1. Iraqi Airports: All airports are operative.


Please feel free to contact us in case of any specific question and please stay well.




All rights reserved, it is not allowed to copy or make use of part or the information without our written approval. The information in this publication are based on today’s information and are subject to change without notice. Details are given without responsibility

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