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„Profits made easy“

Dear Sirs,

It is our aim to be a reliable and longterm partner for your esteemed company. To maintain this goal it is important that we get your assistance and co-operation with regards to measurable quality and environmental efforts.

Renewable “green” power, CO-2 debits/credits, heavy haulage fee and many more expressions are surely also known to you. We are measuring our partners according to the criteria set by the ISO norms 9001 and
14001 and would like to give you your rating according to our assessment.

Your rating is: supplier/partner

The rating goes from A to D. A is the best supplier, B is that we like to work with you – but “there is still room for improvement”, C means, that your rating/service definitively needs to be improved, otherwise we will not be able to continue our co-operation. When you are rated D then we will have to look for alternatives.

May we kindly take a couple of minutes of your time to answer us the following questions and possibly give us some additional comments. We would appreciate them very much as we would like to improve as well.

This self-analysis is a first step to an even better total customer approach and we all have to become better to be successful also in the future.

We should like to thank you very much in advance for your kind co-operation and are at your disposal for any further questions you may have.

Yours faithfully,
Fracht Ltd., Basle

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