Corporate Strategy (Vision)
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Fracht AG wishes, with its company’s activities as service provider in the international logistics industry in all modes of transportation and on all traffic routes, to

  • remain independent and
  • feel at home within its core markets with its own branches.

This will enable us to appear as a company to our customers and to make better use of and promote the benefits such as "a one-stop service", a corporate culture, identical quality standards, etc.

We rely on the fact that, within the framework of the dynamic approach developed by the company, branches will go on working by themselves and continue developing. This process is supported from both a top-down as well as a bottom-up point of view.

We want to:

  • Offer our personnel a safe and attractive place to work
  • Create a close relationship with customers and suppliers (partnerships)
  • Offer innovative and complete transport and logistics solutions
  • Operate in a flexible, reliable, efficient and competitive manner

Our Corporate Culture

We combine the advantages of a large international group with those of a family firm and, at the same, cultivate a modern and personal management style.

This strategy is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Direct communication between all personnel within our organisation worldwide
  • Informal, friendly cooperation
  • Professional expertise on all levels
  • Independent decision-making and the greatest possible freedom on all levels
  • Autonomy
  • A profit centre system (Departments and Branches)

Communication and Implementation

We are a communicative company. Goals are clearly formulated and communicated. The achievement of goals and/or the progress/status of their implementation is measured and the necessary actions are rigorously derived from this.

Foreign Representation by Branches

Our foreign branches acts as our "extended arm" on the international market. Their set up, standards, corporate philosophy, market image and focus (taking account of local conditions) are all in line with our corporate strategy. To this end, our organisation has been divided into groups of countries.

We are fully focused on the further development of our existing branches and on opening additional offices.

Foreign Representation by Agents

In countries, in which we do not wish to or cannot trade under our own name, we maintain a cooperative and success-oriented relationship with our agents. This includes cultivating relationships, shared development and expansion of traffic by means of joint sales activities on the particular markets. The latter is safeguarded by the route management programme, which is coordinated on a group and country management level and implemented within the relevant branches.


Our strategy provides "local" freedom, while taking account of the company's "global" interests. Company networking is consistently promoted from both a structural and IT point of view.

We maintain a transparent and up-to-date communication culture towards group management (Reporting).

Rules & Regulations

The path for a growing company is defined and communicated by clear guidelines. The rules & regulations provide branches with the guiding principles for operational activities.

All our products must satisfy customers' requirements as well as the relevant legal and regulatory requirements at the least, but, in reality, they need to exceed these requirements – that is our aim. We must not be content with offering the bare minimum.

We are committed to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality assurance and environmental protection standards as well as to occupational health and safety standards (OHS) ISO 45001.



On behalf of the management of FRACHT AG

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