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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the next edition of our newsletter. In this issue, you will find, among others, the information about country-wide deliveries of steel structures as well as some details of a new service offered by the Road Forwarding Department. Moreover, as usual, in addition to our sector-specific information, we have news concerning our sports-related activities.

Enjoy your reading!

Fracht FWO Polska Team


Deliveries of steel structures

In March this year we started country-wide deliveries of steel structures from one of the leading steel manufacturers on the Polish market. The project involves organisation of transport of oversize cargo in a convoy. Due to the non-standard dimensions of the cargo, its transport requires complex logistic arrangements. Thus, it was crucial to prepare very detailed plans and schedules of works.

At the planning stage, our employee covered the entire route, checking, for instance, the location of protective barriers, the load-bearing capacity of bridges, the height of vertical and horizontal gauges on the roads, of traffic lights and power lines. The entire plan was designed to avoid any possible dangers to the cargo as well as other road users.

In order to ensure that the oversize load may safely and swiftly leave the factory, the loading operations had to be planned in detail and then promptly carried out. As transport of this type of cargo usually causes some disruptions to road traffic, all transport operations were conducted by night.


The largest of the transported elements were nearly six metres wide. Given such dimensions, it was necessary to temporarily dismantle some of the vertical street signs and other elements of the road infrastructure. At one of the crossroads, even the traffic lights and lamp posts had to be temporarily pulled down.

Our dedicated employee took a direct part in the transport. A close cooperation among the teams taking part in this project, as well as good coordination of the works, made it possible to carry out all the logistic operations swiftly, and ensuring all safety requirements are observed.


'Stand-by trailer’ service

In April our Road Transport Department introduced the ‘stand-by trailer’ service for one of our key clients. The service consists in placing empty trailers at the loading site, parked at the external car park close to the warehouse. After the loading is completed, the trailers head off to the delivery point. Those trailers are then replaced with vacant ones, waiting to be loaded. The service is provided on two routes: from Germany to Poland and Spain. The expected volume amounts to several hundreds of trailers every year.

Such solution brings many benefits, including:

  • immediate accessibility of loading space – a protective buffer in the form of trailers waiting to be loaded
  • potential reduction of warehouse space and of the costs of warehouse services
  • eliminating the costs of car park for entire sets of cars in case of delayed arrival of the cargo
  • fast collection of the loaded trailer; the driver does not have to wait for the loading


Temperature-controlled transport

Cargo: fresh garlic

Transport route: Egypt - Poland

Task: the fastest possible delivery of the cargo to Poland while optimising the costs – as the cargo’s selling price is rather low

We suggested an excellent solution to the client’s needs by proposing transport via a port on the Balkan Peninsula – as an alternative to the port in Hamburg. This shortened the delivery time and at the same time the costs remained at an optimal level. Our responsibilities included controlled-temperature sea transport with the use of reefer containers, the trans-shipment operations in a cold storage warehouse, and then loading and cold storage road transport to the recipient. We also organised all customs-related services at the port, together with the sanitary checks. All operations were conducted with due diligence, and the cargo reached its recipient on time.

We like extreme challenges


Runmageddon – a ‘killer’ run completed by a marathon runner from our company


Our colleague Radek among the participants in Skandia Maraton Lang Team


On 13 April 2014 the Służewiec Horse Race Track in Warsaw hosted the first edition of Runmageddon – an extreme obstacle race. Around 800 persons took part in the run, including a marathon runner from our company, Daniel Orzechowski.
The 10 km distance featured nearly 30 obstacles. Those included both natural barriers, such as ponds, trees and hills, as well as artificially planted ones – for example, walls, rope nets and barbed wire entanglements. Even the names of those obstacles were quite telling, for instance ‘the tyre fitter’s nightmare’, ‘every gorilla's dream’ or ‘the crying place’.
The course of this unusual run was extremely hard. Surmounting the obstacles required much effort and perseverance – the runners had to climb, crawl in the mud, and jump. What is more, many of the obstacles were designed in such a way that it was impossible to get past them without the help from fellow runners. What mattered then was not only the competition but also cooperation between the participants.

Not only did Daniel manage to complete this extremely difficult run (many contenders failed to cover the entire route) but he also achieved a very good result, taking the 371st place. Our heartiest congratulations!

On 26 April the Skandia Maraton Lang Team competition was organised in Warsaw. It is one of the most popular cycling marathons in Poland. The event is addressed to both amateur cycling enthusiasts as well as professional bikers. Contenders may choose from among four routes – with the distance of 6 to 81 kilometres, so that everyone can take part in a race matching their abilities.
There were 800 cycling enthusiasts at the starting line, located in the Warsaw Agrykola Park, hailing from around Poland as well as from abroad. We are delighted to inform you that Radosław Rosiński, our colleague, was also among this pack, and he took up the challenge of covering the route of 60 km.
On the day of the race the weather played a trick on the participants. It rained heavily, which made the cyclists’ task significantly more difficult. The slippery roads and bumpy ground on the sodden suburban routes required a good technique and great skills. Radek showed much enthusiasm and a truly fighting spirit, and he won this uneven fight against the harsh weather conditions. The desire to achieve the best possible result was not, however, the only goal of our colleague. This sports competition had also its charity dimension. Each kilometre covered by the cyclists was added to the amount of funds which was then to be used to buy bikes for children from orphanages.

We extend our sincere congratulations to Radek on his great performance in such a demanding race, and we wish him good luck in all future competitions.

Thank you for your attention!
Fracht FWO Polska Team


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