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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. As always, we have prepared summaries of our most interesting projects, you can also read about  ultramarathon in which our colleague took part  and finally we invite you to watch our video presenting wind turbine blades transport.

Enjoy your reading!

Fracht FWO Polska Team


Temperature controlled air transport of medicinal products

Commissioned by a leading Polish drugs manufacturer, we organise air transport of medicinal products and starting materials. The transports assume a door to door format.
Due to the sensitivity of carried products, it is very significant to observe the delivery schedule, and maintain the required temperatures along the entire shipment route. For medicinal products and starting materials both the maximum and minimum recommended temperatures cannot be exceeded.

Transport stages:
- shipment collection from a location indicated by the Customer
- controlled temperature road transport to an air port
- air transport to Warsaw
- controlled temperature local road transport to the Customer's location

Once the shipment is unloaded, the driver delivering the consignment is obligated to provide a printout confirming that the temperature indicated by the Customer was maintained. The shipped goods are packed onto pallets with temperature sensors. Thus the customer is able to ascertain that correct transport conditions were maintained along the entire transport route.


Maritime and Air Transport to Australia and New Zealand

In cooperation and on behalf of our colleagues in Fracht Sydney, we organise regular shipments of disposable blood collection sets to Australia and New Zealand.

It is up to us to make sure that the goods are collected on schedule and organise road transport to air and sea ports. We are also responsible for bookings to ensure that the delivery satisfies the Customer’s expectations. On account of its specification the cargo requires controlled temperature transport. To that end, reefer type containers are used for maritime transport. Effective cooperation with our Australian colleagues results in shipments being organised efficiently and reliably.

We would like to thank our colleagues from Fracht Sydney for their trust and successful cooperation.


African handicrafts travel around Europe

The Dominican Fair is held in Gdańsk from 26 of July to 17 of August. This is the oldest and the largest cultural and trade event in Poland, organised since 1260. Just as in the Middle Ages, hundreds of artisans, confectioners, bakers, artists and collectors display their wares along city centre streets.

This year for the first time a Moroccan Caravan came to the Dominican Fair. African traders were presenting their traditional craft and art works. We are pleased to announce that once the Fair came to an end we organised transport of handicrafts for one of the Moroccan exhibitors to France. The items were to be displayed at a Fair over there. The consignment included leather and wood items, ceramics as well as traditional Moroccan pots for brewing tea and coffee. On account of the character of the goods it was paramount to secure them appropriately for transport. It was also very important to synchronise the delivery so that the consignment was delivered to France as per the schedule which was precisely defined by the Customer.


Positive ISO recertification audit result

We are aware that every aspect of a business’s operations impacts its performance, that is why we strive for the highest quality in all areas. The ISO 9001:2008 certificate which we received in 2011 stands testament to that.

In August this year a representative of an independent auditor performed a systemic recertification audit. The audit objective was a comprehensive assessment of compliance  of the Quality Management System in place at the company with the international ISO 9001 standards. We are pleased to announce that the verification process was positive.

The successful recertification confirms our care for managerial transparency in our company and constant improvement of the processes effective herein.
Wind turbine blades transport
Please feel free to watch our newest film presenting wind turbine blades transport. Together with our colleagues from Basel we organised shipment of 12 oversized elements from Poland to Japan.The film presents the key moments of the undertaking, we show how important it was to prepare the blades for transport and secure them appropriately on the means of transport so as to avoid damage.
>> Link to Wind turbine blades transport 

"Chudy Wawrzyniec"

On 9 August 2014 at 4 in the morning 600 runners were standing at the starting line in a town called Rajcza in Beskid Żywiecki to test their endurance along the route of an ultramarathon. Our colleague, Daniel Orzechowski, was amongst them.  

The runners competed along two distances: 50 and 80 kilometres.  The 53-kilometre route chosen by Daniel took him on narrow and winding mountain paths along the Polish-Slovak border. The ultramarathon, with its picturesque views, in many places was technically very difficult, filled with steep inclines and rocky downhill sections.  Despite the heat, many sections were slippery and dangerous.
Our colleague successfully dealt with the challenges. He reached the finish line on schedule, after nearly 10 hours of the gruelling race. Mountains are beautiful, but can also be unpredictable and thus dangerous. It is a mistake to underestimate them. Caution, the right preparation and ability to adapt to the changing conditions lead to our ultramarathon runner’s success.

Well done Daniel, and all the best in the pursuit of more goals!

Thank you for your attention!
Fracht FWO Polska Team

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