Polytra NV – a new member of the Fracht family
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Dear friends,

Polytra in Belgium with its branches in Africa is, as of 1st July 2018, a Fracht Group company, in a similar way like Nuno Ferreira presently is.

It is clear, that we want, that all our branches work together with Polytra in Belgium „one day“, but we want to do this in a very orchestrated and fitting manner, that we make good services hopefully even better.

We will advise you about the persons to contact and everything in the next weeks.

If you have anything very special just coming up for Belgium these days, please contact Dominik Keller and for Africa Stefan Krattiger

We will duly inform you further about this great opportunity, which creasts new markets for us.

Best regards

Fracht Ltd., Basel

R. Reisdorf


Dear friends,

We have the greatest pleasure to inform you, that the future of Polytra  will rest in the hands of Fracht AG of Switzerland, since Baron Maurice Velge and Mr. Rudolf Reisdorf made a very positive decision in this respect.

Fracht AG runs 90 offices, employs 1’200 people all over the world, Africa presently being developed.

Baron Velge opted, that the best solution for his company’s future, its accounts and staff lies within the network of Fracht AG. Polytra’s offices in Belgium, Democratic Republic of Kongo, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa match perfectly with Fracht’s strategy to further develop the African continent, where Fracht Group newly opened offices in Rwanda and Burundi.

Polytra’s knowledge, digitized set-up, professionalism in the field of 4PL FFWD will be able to deploy its wings all over the world based on a strong network of sister companies.

In the port of Antwerp Polytra will close the existing gap of Fracht AG’s network, no doubt this will be very positive for both companies Project’s forwarding activities to the benefit of our customers.

Baron Velge wants to stress that the dedicated service and continuous attention to Polytra clients’ needs and interests will be absolutely secured in the future and he will keep an eye on the company until the end of the year to enhance a perfect continuation of activities. From now on Polytra’s general management will lie in the hands of Amaury Luyckx.

We would like to thank our esteemed customers for their past support to Polytra NV and Fracht Group and look forward to extend our co-operation and serving you in the future.


Yours faithfully,

Polytra NV                                      Fracht Group

Maurice Velge                                Rudolf Reisdorf

Antwerp and Basle, 29th June 2018


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