Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020
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Dear friends,

It was an exiting 2019 and we made again good progress in the development of our company, thanks to you.

But it has become more difficult, same as we thought, it would. And it will continue this way.

As mentionned on our greetings for last year, 2019 was rather a year of transition, 2020 will be most probably the first year of a change.

There are also signs of a change in priorities, while it was 100 % based on the economy and profits in the past 20 years, it seems, that the environment

will be come again a very important factor also in decisions. And for sure, it is high time so. We have to do, whatever we can, to save the environment.

As a company, we are promoting this idea already since years, but also we have to do more in the future.

In our business, the shipping lines are pushing ahead very strongly to leave out/replace the forwarder in the value chain.

In the end, they want to become a forwarder themselves, which shows in a way, that the forwarder is actually useful, the only questions is,

„who is the forwarder“, who is putting and keeping the logistical supply chain together. We have a simple answer to that........

If we keep up our pace, continue our innovation and trustful co-operation within our group, our customers and our suppliers,

we will also have a good future.  Many thanks to all and for all your past and future efforts.

We would like to wish you, your families and to all the friends of the Fracht Group



Best regards
Fracht Ltd., Basle

Ruedi Reisdorf


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