scarity of container trucks in China
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Dear friends,


The biggest bottleneck these days in China is finding trucks and drivers for the containers before the Chinese New Year. Even bigger than finding space or containers, which is already tough enough…….

Because of the quarantine situation, they had to leave their jobs yesterday in order to be out of quarantine in their hometown before New Year’s eve.

So to a certain extend you can say, Chinese New Year started even earlier this year, then in all previous years……….


Below the report from Mr. Kuhn.


Best regards

Fracht Ltd, Basle

R. Reisdorf



Dear friends,


There are no special requirements for Truckers. Please see attached the official rules for CNY in English. If truckers will go home and most of them will as it is the only time in the year that they can meet their families back home, they have to leave by today in order to be out of quarantine by Feb 11th/new years eve.


Please find below also the article with current mid/high risk areas. As parts of Shanghai are now mid risk areas, other provinces & cities are asking for negative Covid-tests within last 7 days in order to get into their province/city. That includes business, leisure and also only through travel.

People from high risks areas are not allowed to leave their cities and even districts at all.


I have talked with Nina today and it seems really problematic. She has tried with many different trucker and it seems not possible to get enough drivers to truck that many containers before CNY.



Best regards


Thomas Kuhn



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