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Dear friends,

FRACHT DO BRASIL, like our global organization, has been growing consistently in recent years with the conquest of new markets in the area of ​​projects and engineering.

Our focus has always been on exploring new frontiers and new business opportunities, and we find, notably on our continent, a great space to move forward in a segment little explored by our competitors: engineering solutions, in complex infrastructure projects.

We do not intend to be a new engineering company, but rather to create internal and consistent solutions for a mature market, with strong demand in this field; and not rely on subcontractors' solutions and timing, which are not always in harmony with our commercial and operational requirements.

To that end, we are increasing our team of leading professionals and we have hired an engineer with great experience and high commercial competence in that market.

This is Ricardo Akira Koga, a 40 years old naval engineer with a solid academic background in one of the most respected engineering schools in Latin America.

We know and value Akira since many years from the other side of the table.

He started and built his career in the heavy and specialized transport market in Brazil from 2005; and in 2012 he assumed the post of General Manager of renowned Dutch Mammoet, from where he left at the end of 2020 as LATAM Sales Director, to assume the role of Executive Director at Fracht do Brasil, from March 1, 2021.

His curriculum and knowledge will help us to advance more consistently in conquering new business opportunities in the O&G; Energy; Mining; Wind, Civils Construction, among other markets.

I would like to ask you for a warm welcome with our family in his new email address:

My best regards

Luiz Martini          

Managing Director                      
Phone    55 11 3881-6271
Mobile   55 11 99466-5694

A disseminação do vírus SARS-CoV-2 e a doença associada, COVID-19, podem levar a interrupções nos processos de transporte. O Cliente está ciente de que podem ocorrer atrasos como resultado da pandemia da Coronavírus, e que isso pode significar que as datas de entrega não possam ser cumpridas, e que podem surgir custos adicionais inesperados que não foram calculados quando o contrato foi concluído. O agente de carga é obrigado a evitar ou reduzi-los tanto quanto possível. De acordo com isso, o cliente é obrigado a reembolsar os custos adicionais. O agente de carga não será responsável por exceder o prazo de entrega causado pela pandemia de Coronavírus.


The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the associated disease COVID-19 (Corona pandemic) can lead to disruptions in transport processes. The Customer is aware that delays may occur as a result of the Corona pandemic and that this may mean that delivery dates cannot be met and that unexpected additional costs may arise which were not calculated when the contract was concluded. The freight forwarder is obliged to avoid or reduce these as far as possible. In accordance with this, the customer is obliged to reimburse the additional costs. The freight forwarder shall not be liable for exceeding the delivery deadline caused by the Corona pandemic.

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