Ramadan and Eid Holidays
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Ramadan 1442 and the Eid-al-Fitr holidays for 2021 are fast approaching

Even though precise details are not available from governmental announcements yet,
we may assume – depending on the sighting of the New Moon Crescent – 

the holy month of Ramadan expected to begin on Tuesday  April 13th 
and due to end on Wednesday May 12th Evening!
with three public holidays to be announced from Thursday 13th

Public holidays in Saudi Arabia might start a week ahead of the Eid Al Fitr Celebrations

During Ramadan private company working hours are shortened and 
government timings are changed in some surrounding Middle East countries and the UAE.
In some ports/areas, clearance congestions commonly have occurred in the past.

In order to avoid demurrage pls check with our local office and agents timely, 
and updates shall be given in due time.

Our competent team in Abu Dhabi and the undersignor is available for further queries

with best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen
  Carsten J. Weisner   (Mr.)
  Area Manager Middle East
 +971 (50) 4 45 83 70
SUN-THU = 9:oo-17:ooh / FRI-SAT=W/end

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